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Elektra Micro Casa Model Chrome and Brass Espresso Machine ART.S1CO

Elektra Micro Casa Model Chrome and Brass Espresso Machine ART.S1CO

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    If you're looking for a piston-operated espresso machine that can brew a consistently good espresso without wearing out over time, look for the one with the eagle with spread wings on top. This is one of several varieties the Elektra Micro Casa line, designed to look good on your counter and give you a predictably perfect cup of espresso by providing predictable pressure at each point in the pump's operation.


    Impressive Polished Appearance

    The polished brass and chrome finish body is topped with an eagle with spread wings to make the Elektra instantly recognizable. It has a round base with a 10” diameter for extra stability and bakelite handle for improved heat resistance.

    Water Level Sight Glass

    Make sure your espresso machine never runs out of water with this easy-to-read level indicator.

    Pressure Gauge

    When the indicator is in the green zone, the steam is at the perfect level to brew your espresso. It can indicate pressure between 0.8 BAR and 1.3 BAR.

    Brass Spring Piston

    Plastic pistons are the reason that so many spring piston-operated machines have a poor reputation because they overheat and become warped over time. Not so with Elektra's brass spring piston-operated Micro Casa line. This piston is designed to consistently pour you the perfect cup of espresso every time you pull down on the lever even when you do it twice for a double.

    Very Little Assembly Required

    Setting up your machine is easy. Just attach the steam wand.

    Boiler Pressure Relief Valve

    Located on top of the boiler, this valve is a safety feature that keeps the boiler from building up too much pressure.

    800-Watt Heating Element

    This armor-plated heating element provides the heating power necessary to create enough steam to brew the perfect espresso.

    Internal Pressure Regulator

    This regulator makes sure the temperature never gets too high.

    Built-In Safety Thermostat

    While you should always keep an eye on the water level indicated by the sight glass to make sure the heating element isn't damaged by lack of water, this thermostat helps prevent meltdown if the water runs out.


    Place of Manufacture

    Treviso, Italy


    19" x 10" x 10" (49cm x 26cm x 26cm)


    22 lbs

    Boiler Capacity

    About 1.8 Liters (61 ounces)


    110V, 60Hz, 15 Amp

    Filter Basket Size

    49-50 mm


      Warning: Please make sure the sight glass is the field between a minimum of 25% and 75% at all times during operation. If the water level lowers below the 25% mark, damage can occur to the machine.

      The machine is not compatible with pods due to the smaller portafilter size.

      Changes in the exterior color is not covered by the warranty as a manufacturer defect. This color will naturally change as the machine ages.

      Be sure you have a crescent wrench on hand to attach the steam wand when setting up the device.

      Cup in the picture is not included.

      Warranty note: Avoid using hard water in this machine. Have your water tested if you are not certain that you have soft water available to avoid damaging the machine and voiding the warranty. Only run this machine if water in this sight glass is at least 25% full to avoid damaging the heating element. If you return a machine with a damaged heating element, there will be a charge for repair of the heating element that will be deducted from the credit.

      If water is not pumped into the machine upon initial startup, it will trigger the safety thermostat and the machine will have to be reset. The reset button is under a yellow cap on the bottom of the machine. If you still have issues, email us for further instructions.

      Do not pull lever down if the portafilter is not properly installed in the grouphead and filled with very fine ground coffee! Doing so will cause damage to the machine and may cause injury.

      Surfaces are very hot and may cause burns.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Beatrice M
      Such A Pretty Design

      Cannot believe how pretty the machine is but not to mention how it makes a great shot of espresso.

      Perfect Gift

      My mother had been wanting an Elektra for so long and she was ecstatic when I surpised her with the Micro Casa for her birthday.

      Love the Eagle

      Such a prestine and awe inspired design such a beauty.

      Karen Westfield
      Work of Art

      Truly a work of art Im always excited to wake up to it in my kitchen every morning.

      Not only for looks

      The design is definitely an eye grabber but machine pulls a great shot everytime.