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Elektra MicroCasa Semi Automatica Model ART.SX - Brewpresso
Elektra MicroCasa Semi Automatica Model ART.SX - Brewpresso

Elektra MicroCasa Semi Automatica Model ART.SX

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    Bakelite Portafilter Handle

    The portafilter handle has replaced the wood this model once used with a type of thermosetting plastic known as bakelite.

    3 Red Control Switches

    Power, Coffee Brew and Boiler Refill

    Attractive Design

    This highly polished machine is topped with a brass eagle with wings up and is designed to combine functionality and aesthetics.

    10” Diameter Base

    The base is wide enough to provide stability on your countertop and prevent accidental tip-overs.

    Water Level Sight Glass with Pressure Monitor

    Easily gauge your water level and pressure with easy-to-read pressure gauge and level monitoring glass.

    Pump Operation

    The Electra ART.SX delivers water to the grouphead and boiler using a series of pumps.

    Heat Exchanger System

    This system regulates the temperature to ensure that water consistently stays at the perfect temperature to brew espressos with consistent quality.

    Very Little Assembly Required

    Just attach the steam wand and that's it.

    Manual Water Refill Switch

    Manually control delivery of water to the boiler with this switch.

    Boiler Pressure Relief Valve

    This safety feature prevents excess pressure buildup in the boiler.

    Durable Brass Boiler

    This boiler gives you the perfect steam for frothing milk without adding a lot of excess water.

    Extended Steam Wand

    Froth your milk safely with a steam wand that extends away from the boiler.

    Steam Valve Turns On and Off Quickly

    Just twist the knob to turn it on and off for better control of the amount of steam you get.

    3-way Solenoid Valve

    Avoid the dreaded “espresso explosion” when removing the portafilter handle after each brew with this improved system for avoiding pressure buildup.

    Top Loading Water Basin

    Refill is easy and the manual switch can continuously deliver water without having to shut down the machine every time.

    800-Watt Heating Element

    The heating element is armour plated for safety.

    Automatic Pressure/Temperature Regulator

    This system enables control of pressure and water temperature in the machine.


    Place of Manufacture

    Treviso, Italy


    23" x 10" x 10" (58cm x 26cm x 26cm)

    Boiler Capacity

    About 67 Ounces (2 Liters)


    110V, 60 Hz, 15 Amp

    Filter Basket Size



      Warning: Before plugging the machine's electrical cord into the electrical outlet, please make sure the power switch is in the 'O" (visible) for off position. Fill the top water reservoir before powering on the machine via the power switch. It is important to depress and hold the boiler refill switch on the left side of the machine immediately after powering up the first time. The sight glass needs to fill up to the 75% full mark before releasing the boiler refill switch. The sight glass needs to be filled a minimum of 25% at all times during the operation to avoid damage to the machine.


      For home use only. The only assembly required is attaching the brass eagle to the top.


      Warranty Notes: Use only soft water in this machine. Hard water may cause damage to the machine that is not covered by the parts warranty. Make sure the sight gauge is always at least 25% full to prevent damage to the heating element. The return of a unit with a damaged heating unit will result in a repair fee that is deducted from the credit.


      The exterior color will change over time as the machine ages. The water reservoir may also become discolored if exposed to hard, distilled or purified water. These changes are not covered by the warranty as manufacturer defects.

      The water used to make coffee moves from the reservoir through a pipe to a flash boiler and should not affect the level of the water in the sight gauge. The sight gauge only changes if the steamer is used or the red button is depressed to refill the boiler.

      If water does not move through the machine at initial startup, it will trigger the safety thermometer. If this occurs, the reset button resides under a yellow cap on the bottom of the machine. If you continue to have issues with a unit you bought from us, email us for further instructions.

      The varnish used to paint the copper and brass parts can be removed with a paint remover.

      Surfaces are hot and can cause burns.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Richard P
        So Smooth

        The dual espresso pull is very convenient and the machine is very consistent.

        Very Happy

        The perfect addition to my in home cafe so happy with the Semi Automatica

        So Satisfied

        Me and my husband love the entire Elektra product cataloug

        Great Choice

        The semi automatica is very versatile im content with my purchase.

        Judy G.
        Lovely Piece

        The machine is fairly large so its the centerpiece of my second kitchen