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Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder
Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder
Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder
Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder

Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder

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    Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder

    The Eureka Atom 75 strikes a beautiful balance between commercial-built power and home-focused convenience. With design cues from both the original Atom and commercial Zenith grinders, the Atom 75 truly gives you the best of both worlds. Eureka's espresso-built 75mm burrs power through double shots in record time (18 grams in ~5.5 seconds) and dose in an impressive stream (thanks to Eureka's refined ACE system) that's free of clumps and excess static. Normally, a grinder this production-focused comes at the cost of a large footprint—both physically and sonically. Instead, your morning will stay blissfully silent thanks to the Atom's sound-insulated case, while its relatively small 6x9 dimensions will let you tuck it almost anywhere.

    Features and Functionality

    • Sound Insulation - Much like its diminutive brethren, the Atom 75 packs in sound-isolating gaskets and motor mounts for near-silent operation.
    • 75mm Flat Burrs - Equipped with the same burrs as the Eureka Olympus and Mythos grinders, the Atom 75 offers best-in-class grind times.
    • Timed Dosing - Program single- and double-shot doses, or grind manually right into your portafilter.
    • Stepless Grind Adjust - Stepless grinders offer nearly infinite grind settings, making it easier to find the just-right consistency for your espresso.
    • Bottom-burr Adjust - Eureka's unique choice to adjust at the bottom burr means you can disassemble your grinder for cleaning without losing your grind setting.
    • Eureka ACE System - The Atom 75 comes equipped with Eureka's static- and clump-reducing ACE system for more uniform grind distribution.


    • Swift - Seconds add up. The Atom 75's sub 5-second shot grind time gives you a few precious moments back.
    • Silent - It's fast enough to barely matter, but the sound-insulated design means you can have a normal conversation—or not wake the house—and still enjoy your coffee.
    • Sophisticated - A modern, squared-off case; color control screen; and a plethora of burr and hopper options put the Atom 75 head-and-shoulders above comparable models.


    • Big-and-tall - With such a large burrset—and the motor to match, the Atom 75 stretches the dimensions of home-focused grinders.
    • Quite an Investment - There are many, more basic, grinders that can get the job done for home espresso—the Atom 75's killer feature set comes at a price.

    Tips and Tricks

    Purge Prowess: We like to set our single shot programming for a short half-second grind. This clears out the grind chamber of any old coffee for the freshest grounds possible.

    Recommended For

    • Espresso


    Model Number Atom Specialty 75
    Manufacturer Eureka
    Width 7 inches
    Depth 9 inches
    Height 17.25 inches
    Watts 800W
    Volts 110V
    RPM of Burrs 1400RPM
    Case Material Aluminum
    Bean Hopper Capacity 1.2 pounds
    Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality
    Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Infinite Settings
    Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel
    Burr Diameter 75mm
    Anti-Static Coating Yes
    Material Metal and Plastic

    Warranty Information

    What it Covers: Eureka Grinders

    Length: Home Use: 1 year parts and labor, Commercial Use: 1 year parts, 3 months labor

    Care and Maintenance

    • Wipe out hopper between refills
    • Disassemble and sweep out burrs, or use a grinder cleaner like grindz, monthly

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Bella Nya
    Solid coffee grinder!

    I was tired of grinding coffee beans manually. The machine was famous in the coffee drinkers and baristas. It was right. It’s solid heavy bottom. It’s simple and grinding beans evenly. I am very satisfied with its quality so far.


    This Eureka Atom 75 grinder is top notch. Having the ability to program the grind is a great feature. I did not believe that the grind mattered. It does and this machine delivers. I buy locally roasted beans and now I get to enjoy the depth of the rich brew. This machine will please you. It is fun to use!

    John Blanchard
    What a difference!

    I’ve always thought a good cup of coffee is one of the best parts of my day. I never realized just how much of a difference there is using beans ground directly before brewing. A good brewing method, great beans, and a grinder like this one is an awesome combination for the start of the day.

    Meghan tarantino
    Solid and consistent!

    Great grinder! Still figuring it out but i like the consistency and sound level. Solid metal construction.

    Worth the money!

    This is a very good coffee grinder. It grinds fast and evenly, and without mess. Such capability, unfortunately, does not come cheap. All and all, I recommend its purchase by someone who is really "into" coffee and wants to grind whole beans.