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Mahlkonig GH-2 Filter Coffee Grinder - Brewpresso
Mahlkonig GH-2 Filter Coffee Grinder - Brewpresso
Mahlkonig GH-2 Filter Coffee Grinder - Brewpresso

Mahlkonig GH-2 Filter Coffee Grinder

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    Mahlkönig | Electric premium coffee grinders for coffee shops and home

    Who Should Buy The Mahlkonig GH-2? 

    Small to Large Coffee Shops

    The Mahlkonig GH-2 doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but that’s not what it’s designed for. It’s like the Toyota Corolla of shop models: it’s dependable, economical, and built to last.

    Ease of operation is one of this filter coffee grinder’s greatest benefits. The angled spout is positioned for optimal dispensing of the ground coffee, and fineness adjustments are guided by the coarse-to-fine labels on the front of the grinder.

    While this model is low-cost, you won’t be sacrificing versatility. The GH-2 is a stepless grinder, giving you precise adjustments and the ability to grind retail coffee bags or for filter coffee brewing from drip to pour-over.


    If your major concern is that you’re not going to get a lot of use out of a grinder with a more extensive collection of settings and features, you might fall in love with the GH-2.

    It’s made by Mahlkonig, a company that never skimps on precision or quality. It’s a simple grinder of the best kind, able to outperform many standard grinders on the market without breaking a sweat.

    With grinding discs mounted vertically inside the GH-2, you won’t suffer from product waste. Your employees will find that they have a much easier time with machine upkeep and everyday operation with the GH-2.


    Looking for a straightforward filter coffee grinder for the office? This is the one. It helps you make great-tasting coffee quickly without getting hung up on feature details.

    An easy-to-read grinding guide on the GH-2 helps newcomers figure out how to grind coffee for their preferred brewing method right away. 

    If you’re in need of a grinder to pair with the office coffee maker for a fresh supply of java every day, the GH-2 may be all you need.

    Other Businesses

    In order to cover more angles of prestigious customer service, businesses may add freshly brewed coffee to their offerings. A location that doesn’t focus on coffee as a main product, like a retail space or a spa, will enjoy the easy operation and flexibility of the GH-2. 

    Few grinders boast the same quality at the GH-2’s price. With its user-friendly design, it assists employees in providing cafe-style coffee for different brew methods.

    Especially if you want to get into bagging and selling your own branded coffee, the GH-2 is a solid choice to offer your customers onsite grinding.


    The GH-2 uncomplicates good coffee. 

    It isn’t always practical to add on a slew of complex features to your shop grinder. The Mahlkonig GH-2 is the high-quality option you’re looking for, at an entry-level price.

    Like other top-notch Mahlkonig filter coffee grinders, the GH-2 comes with stepless grind adjustment for the most accurate setting changes, but made easier with a printed guide. Meanwhile, a bag holder lets you multitask while grinding retail bags of coffee.

    The design details make the GH-2 unique. Vertically mounted grinding discs retain next to no residue. Together with the angled spout, grinding every gram of coffee into a bag, filter, or container with no waste is guaranteed.

    Impress your customers with better coffee ground fresh with the GH-2.

    The GH-2 retail grinder supplies a fineness range that will allow you to deliver optimal customer service. Whether you want to make pour-overs, drip coffee, or cold brew, the grind consistency that the GH-2 produces means that your coffee will always meet high standards of quality.

    Providing a pound of ground coffee in one minute, it’s fast, which is great for keeping a steady pace in your shop or office. This is the all-around best grinder in its price range for professional applications.

    The name Mahlkonig inspires loyalty. Having spent the past 90 years designing some of the most precise grinders the world has ever seen, Mahlkonig insists upon excellence.

    You have the Mahlkonig promise with any model you choose for your business.

    Key Features and What They Mean

    85mm Flat Burrs

    The massive flat burrs in the GH-2 allow it to grind quickly and efficiently, achieving grind consistency for perfectly brewed coffee each and every time.

    Bag Holder

    The bag clip keeps retail bags steady so that you can lock them in and perform other tasks as needed while you wait for the coffee to be ground. Increase your productivity and kick customer service up a notch.

    Stepless Grind Adjustment

    Giving the GH-2 a highly desirable element of precision, stepless grind adjustment lets you tweak the fineness settings within the coarse to fine range with unlimited control. This can open up new opportunities to get better extraction results from any roast.

    Angled Spout

    An angled spout is optimized to deliver the ground coffee directly into different kinds of containers. If this is your multipurpose grinder, the angled spout will make grinding much easier.

    Vertically Mounted Burrs

    Instead of constructing the GH-2 with horizontal grinding discs, Mahlkonig has mounted them vertically. This allows all of the coffee to leave the grinder, avoiding residues that can quickly amass, which saves your product.

    4.4 Pound Hopper

    Heavy-duty grinding is what this model does well. The sheer quantity of beans the 4.4 pound hopper holds means that you’ll get bulk grinding done more efficiently and with no time wasted refilling.

    GH-2 Features & Specifications

    Hopper Capacity 4.4 lbs
    Grinding Capacity - fine to medium 1.0 lbs/min
    Voltage 100-115 V
    Frequency / Phases 60 Hz / Single-Phase
    Grinding Disc Diameter 85 mm / 3.35 inch
    Dimensions (w x d x h) 7“ x 17“ x 26“
    Net weight 57 lbs
    Finger Protection yes
    Bag Holder yes
    Color black
    Large Hopper 2.2 lbs/3.3 lbs/5.5lbs
    Listings CE, ETL, NSF

    Common Questions and Answers

    Q: What is the difference between a flat burr grinder like the GH-2 and a conical burr grinder?

    A: There are many structural differences between flat and conical burr grinders that have diverse effects on the outcomes. One of the biggest differences is in the grind itself.

    Flat burr grinders are known for their ability to crush the coffee into uniform particles. Conical burr grinders create particles that vary in size.

    These differences show up in the brewed coffee as flavor variations. The coffee ground in a flat burr grinder tends to have flavors that meld together, but tasters also find that chocolaty and nutty notes are richer.

    Conical burr models tend to brighten up the coffee and emphasize zippier notes. Some coffee drinkers love this about conical burr grinders, but it should be mentioned that it can be easy to over-extract the smaller coffee particles (which creates harsher or bitter flavors).

    The Mahlkonig GH-2 keeps it simple with a flat burr system for a consistent grind that won’t be difficult to turn into flavorful coffee.

    Q: What is stepless grind adjustment and how does it work in the GH-2?

    A: Instead of giving you a certain number of coarse-to-fine presets to choose from like you’d get in a stepped grinder, a stepless grinder like the GH-2 lets you define your own settings.

    What’s great about a stepped grinder is that it’s simple enough for beginners to use without getting lost in infinite adjustments. On the other hand, if the perfect setting lies between the presets, it won’t be accessible.

    Even though the GH-2 is a stepless grinder, it has, essentially, a fineness template right on the machine to show users about where the optimal settings would be for any coffee type.

    This makes it much easier to navigate the stepless system in this grinder, especially for newbies.

    Q: Does burr size affect the coffee?

    A: Believe it or not, the size of the burr can really change your results. A large part of this has to do with heat production.

    Some amount of heat can be generated as the motor runs and from the friction caused by grinding. The benefit of larger burrs is that they don’t require as many rotations as smaller burrs to grind the coffee. This ends up meaning that the grinder works faster and minimizes the friction aspect.

    In this scenario, heat doesn’t build up as quickly, which is desirable for the coffee as too much heat might make it taste burned even with proper brewing methods.

    One of the best things about the GH-2 is its huge 85mm burrs. Not only do they facilitate high-capacity grinding, they also ensure cooler grinding.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Fabulous coffee grinder!

    The grinder looks lovely on my small apartment counter top, doesn't make too much noise, and makes great cups of coffee.

    Great product!

    This was a solid buy for me. I was getting tired of getting inconsistent grinds with my metal blade grinder. The different grind settings allow me to explore different types of coffees like French press. I'll probably try espresso for my next coffee quest.

    Alyssa Williams
    High Quality!

    Use to grind coffee beans. Can adjust time it is on. Not too loud, fits on counter top. Like this very much.

    So Good!

    I’ve always owned various other budget/name-brand grinders. Some burr, some not. This thing is the bomb. It actually makes better coffee. My gf and I both agree we should’ve bought this years ago. If you can afford the splurge, you’ll never look back……

    Victor D Soto
    Great grinder!

    We have owned this grinder over a year now and it is a great investment. We wanted a great tasting coffee. Several of our friends have bought this grinder after tasting our coffee - a great investment if you like coffee.