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Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder - Brewpresso
Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder - Brewpresso

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder

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    Mahlkönig | Electric premium coffee grinders for coffee shops and home

    Who Should Buy The Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710? 

    Mahlkonig presents a redesigned version of the popular Guatemala shop grinder. The classic went through a face-lift while keeping loved and proven technical specifications. In addition to a new design, this classic comes with a new burr geometry, increased hopper capacity and sleek full-aluminum body for maximum longevity.

    Small to Large Coffee Shops

    One of the most beloved cafe grinders, the Mahlkonig Guatemala suits just about every coffee shop’s professional requirements.

    Vertically mounted flat burrs allow this retail grinder to leave virtually no trace of ground coffee behind. Supplying an even grind, this model gives you and customers reliable results.

    It’s the kind of grinder that anyone can operate with 20 easy fineness settings from fine to coarse for all your drip coffee, pour-over, and cold brew menu items. If you’re looking strictly for filter brewing, the Guatemala can be fitted with a filter basket holder for direct grinding.

    Supplying up to two pounds of coffee per minute, the Guatemala is certainly fast enough to help your staff wait on each and every customer within a short time frame. Use it for grinding retail bags and your own in-house filter coffee offerings.

    Coffee Labs

    A configuration of the Guatemala that’s perfect for coffee labs or any location doing cuppings comes with a foldable table and metal cup for single-portion grinding.

    This is a convenient configuration to help you sample out your roasts, whether you’re hosting events with cuppings or brewing pour-over coffee in your shop.

    Owing to the consistency of the grind that the Guatemala provides, the flavor profile of each roast will be well developed and balanced, showing off the uniqueness of your coffee.


    If you’re passing out samples of your coffee, the Guatemala ensures excellent flavor. The lab configuration is suitable for roasteries giving customers individual samples of ground or brewed coffee.

    If you own a roastery connected to a retail space, the Guatemala might be the right option even as a standard retail grinder that can also grind for samples in the shop.

    The wide array of grind settings makes this a pretty flexible grinder that’s straightforward in operation—the ideal blend for employees from beginners to experts.


    Restaurants grinding their own beans have the right idea for the best-tasting coffee. Ordering your Guatemala with a filter coffee basket attachment will allow your employees to grind coffee directly into the coffee machine basket.

    With a 1.1 pound hopper, there’s plenty of room to grind large batches. And with the vertical grinding discs, you won’t have to worry about coffee getting stuck inside the grinder.

    Easy to clean, easy to use, and highly consistent, the Guatemala comes with the features and functions of a coffee shop model, but made for every user.


    The Guatemala makes a great office kitchen coffee grinder for drip coffee and pour-overs of all types.

    Available with filter basket holder and self-service station options, the Guatemala is customizable like few other commercial grinders.

    As a user-friendly model, it ensures that your staff can find the grind settings they need immediately. If this is a priority (which just might be the case if your employees are intimidated at the prospect of working with coffee equipment), the Guatemala is the answer.


    Tailor the Guatemala to your business.

    The Mahlkonig Guatemala is more than a retail coffee grinder. Coming with a wide array of customizable features, the Guatemala can be tailored to your exact requirements whether you’re searching for your cafe, roastery, or restaurant.

    It’s more than capable of providing everything you need, from single-portion and large-batch grinding to retail bag grinding with 20 different fineness settings.

    Coffee lab cuppings, self service, retail service, batch brewing—there’s a version of the Guatemala designed with your business in mind.

    The Guatemala stands for power and versatility.

    Business owners choose the Guatemala for remarkable power and flexibility combined with a cost-effective solution.

    User-friendliness is built into the Guatemala’s DNA, from the easy grind adjustment dial to the array of customizations that require zero onsite assembly. 

    The Guatemala is ready to serve you and your customers all day, each and every day of the week, even in high-volume settings.

    Mahlkonig has a strong reputation for precision and quality that sometimes flies under the radar outside of high-end coffee shops. 

    If you want to bring Mahlkonig’s unique excellence to your business, the Guatemala is a top-rated model.

    Key Features and What They Mean

    71mm Flat Steel Burrs

    The large flat grinding discs in the Mahlkonig Guatemala create an even grind and give the coffee superior flavor. Made of high-quality steel, they’ll stay sharp for a good long time.

    Bag Clamp

    When grinding retail bags, place them in the bag clamp, turn the grinder on, and that’s it. The clamp holds them in place so that you can turn your attention to other items until the coffee is ground.

    Vertically Mounted Burrs

    Keeping grind residue to a minimum, the grinding discs are mounted vertically to allow gravity to do its work and get all the ground coffee into the container. This creates much less product waste and keeps the inside of the grinder cleaner.

    2 Pound Hopper

    With a little room to spare for overflow, the 1.1 pound hopper is ideal for standard single-pound retail bags.

    Vibrating of Retail Bags

    To help settle the ground coffee, the Guatemala automatically vibrates bags to give your customers a nice, neat package of ground coffee.

    20 Grind Settings

    Going from fine to coarse grinding quickly is simple with 20 presets built in. The ideal range falls within pour-over to French press and cold brew settings, giving you diverse brewing options to work with.


    The unique advantage of the Guatemala is having a customized grinder that fits your business to a T, whether you’re grinding large batches or retail bags.


    Custom Guatemala Options

    If you’d like your Mahlkonig Guatemala in a configuration for specific applications, we offer a wide variety of options:

    • Foldable table, ideal for lab or single-portion grinding
    • Metal cup, easy to use with lab or single-portion grinding
    • Spout with a metal knocker that assists in removing all traces of ground coffee from the chute
    • Self-service version
    • Filter coffee basket holder, great for drip coffee
    • Larger hopper (2500g/5.5lbs), good for large-batch grinding
    • Raised outlet height

      Guatemala Features & Specifications

      Grinding capacity - fine to medium* 800 - 900 g/min
      1.8 - 2.0 lbs / min
      Hopper capacity 500 g / 1.1 lbs
      Dimensions (w x h x d) 22 x 62 x 33 cm
      8.7 x 24.4 x 13 inch
      Net weight 28 kg / 61 lbs
      Grinding discs diameter 71 mm / 2.8 inch
      Grinding discs material Steel
      Voltage / frequency / phases 100- 115 V / 50/60 Hz / 1~
      Motor rating 1100 W
      Motor revolution 3900@60Hz
      Overload protection Standard
      Bag holder clamping Standard
      Swing back of the bag holder Standard
      Vibrating of the bag Standard
      Large hopper 1000 g / 2.2 lbs optional
      Raised outlet height 130 mm / 5.1 inch optional
      *grinding capacity depending on the type of coffee, the roast and the degree of fineness


      Common Questions and Answers

      Q: What is the difference between a flat burr grinder like the Guatemala and a conical burr grinder?

      A: Flat and conical burr grinders are two of the most recognizable categories when it comes to professional grinders. They’re both known for quality, but the results are slightly different.

      The flat burr grinder type produces a highly uniform particle distribution. In other words, the coffee is ground into perfectly even bits. As for how this influences the coffee, it helps to meld the nuanced flavors together, creating a smooth tasting experience.

      A conical burr grinder is different. It gives you a bimodal particle distribution, or coffee particles of different sizes. Many coffee enthusiasts love the way this emphasizes brighter, juicier flavors in coffees that naturally feature them.

      In a lot of ways, it might be easier to get the results you want with a flat burr grinder as it’s possible to accidentally over-extract the finer coffee particles from a conical burr grinder. In this situation, you’ll get more bitter flavors in the cup.

      This is one reason many coffee shops opt for flat burr grinders, but some simply prefer the balanced flavor profiles they produce.

      Q: What is the difference between a stepped grinder like the Guatemala and a stepless grinder?

      A: This is a commonly asked question, and it’s a good one! A stepped grinder like the Guatemala has preset grind options while a stepless grinder takes the presets out for a fluid grind fineness selection.

      The biggest advantage of a stepped grinder is how easy it is to navigate. You can go from a drip coffee grind to, say, a French press grind in a second without having to figure out where the exact setting lies.

      The downside is that you can’t choose settings outside of the presets (within the fine-to-coarse range), whereas you can with a stepless grinder.

      On the other hand, the most typical coffee brewing methods and ranges are represented on quality stepped grinders like the Guatemala. It’s a robust model for standard brewing methods and change-ups on the fly.

      Q: Does burr size affect the coffee?

      A: A grinder’s burr size can have a real effect on the end product. That is, the size of the burr has to do with heat production in the grinder, which does affect the quality of the beans.

      When you’re grinding coffee, friction generates heat, but there will be a reduced effect with larger burrs as they don’t need to rotate as many times as smaller burrs to grind the coffee.

      Ultimately, heat buildup is minimized due to faster grinding, which is ideal for the coffee considering that too much heat may turn the coffee bitter.

      With large 71mm precision burrs, the Guatemala is designed to control heat generation and keep the grinder cool.


      Guatamala Product Sheet

      Guatamala Instruction Manual

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Super Compact

      This grinder is so compact and powerful I ordered one for the house and I use it to grind my coffee for the week. Customer service and the product exceeded my expectations.

      Edward Doland
      Excellent Grinder!

      I really admire how many settings this grinder has to fine tune the level of coarseness. It's allowed me to experiment with all different types of coffee brewing. Thanks Brewpresso!

      Quality Grinder

      Had some issues with the shipping but the customer service team got me situated super quickly and I was able to receive my product on time. Very Content with the quality of the product.

      German Built

      Ive always been a big Mahlkonig fan glad to find a place that has all of their products in one place at a good price with great service!

      Brianna Lopez
      So Happy With The Grinder

      I received the grinder so fast and at a fairly good price too. This grinder does so much i'm still playing with all the possibilities daily.