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Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder - Brewpresso
Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder - Brewpresso

Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder

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    Mahlkönig | Electric premium coffee grinders for coffee shops and home

    Who Should Buy The Mahlkonig K30 Twin? 

    Medium to Large Coffee Shop

    Two espresso grinders in one is a sensible solution for a bustling coffee shop. The Mahlkonig K30 Twin gives you lots of options to work with on top of super fast grinding.

    Cafes can get more bang for their buck by filling one hopper with regular and the other with decaf, and specialty coffee shops can vary the options by having two specialty roasts readily available.

    For some serious quality control, fans are installed on each grinder, keeping the coffee tasting fresh and delicious. If you want to diversify your coffee menu, this top-of-the-line model has everything you need.


    As an all-inclusive system for decaf and regular espresso, the K30 Twin cuts down on the equipment restaurants need to make stellar cappuccinos with freshly ground coffee. 

    If you’ve been using pre-ground coffee out of convenience, this simplified approach is a big upgrade that will improve your customers’ enjoyment of your espresso offerings with superior flavor.

    With hands-free operation and programmable dosing, the K30 Twin is easy for restaurant employees to use (there are no complex formulas and components to figure out). This is the space-saving grinder that can totally revamp your espresso beverage service.


    The K30 Twin double espresso grinder optimizes space and efficiency in a hotel providing a genuine cafe experience to guests.

    You’ll avoid buying multiple grinders or having different systems for regular and decaf lattes with this comprehensive dual grinder. The K30 Twin covers it all.


    Bars can quickly become overcrowded with cocktail ingredients, glassware, blenders, and other devices. The compact K30 Twin provides a big opportunity to keep clutter-free.

    You just need the one grinder for multiple espresso drinks, and with a dose ground in as little as two seconds, your customers get the fastest coffee service at your busy bar.


    If there’s one place that needs a streamlined approach to espresso, it’s an office. You may prefer freshly ground coffee for the superior flavor, and if so, the K30 Twin keeps it simple with one grinder for two different types.

    You can go the decaf and regular route, or you can fill one hopper with a flavored coffee and the other with a dark roast. It’s up to you—the combinations are limitless.

    Plus, this is a completely user-friendly grinder, which is important for office staff as they might not have much skill in this area. It’s a hands-free grinder that will provide a dose automatically, saving employees from a potential hassle.


    The K30 Twin doubles your options—and work pace.

    You’re really getting two grinders in one with the Mahlkonig K30 Twin, minus 30% of the space consumption of two standard grinders. It’s the practical answer for higher-volume businesses with no counter space to lose.

    The K30 Twin belongs to an elite line of Mahlkonig on-demand espresso grinders that enhance the flavor of your coffee with fan-cooled grinding, precise adjustments, and carefully crafted flat steel burrs grinding directly into the portafilter.

    Double your espresso offerings, speed up production grinding two types of coffee at the same time in seconds, and give your customers a world-class tasting experience.

    Make first-rate espresso simple with the K30 Twin.

    Giving your employees a programmable dual grinder like this one makes their job easier. They’ll have what they need in one place and precise dosages automatically measured out by the K30 Twin.

    Hands-free operation even allows your staff to insert a portafilter and then turn their attention to other tasks, saving time and energy.

    Easy to work with, the K30 Twin is perfect for all business types.

    Mahlkonig specializes in turning premium results into an efficient, step-by-step system for anyone to follow.

    Excel at what you do with the Mahlkonig K30 Twin.

    Key Features and What They Mean

    Two Hoppers and Grinders

    Save 30% more space than with two standard grinders and fill each 1.65 pound hopper with a different type of coffee for fast selection. Each grinder evenly distributes the coffee directly into the portafilter, preventing flavor and aroma loss. You can even grind simultaneously to speed up service.

    65mm Flat Burrs

    Mahlkonig’s optimized grinding discs offer precise cutting and promote cooler grinding, even with continuous usage. This ensures consistency in your product all day, every day.

    Illuminated Display

    The illuminated display provides an excellent visual for operating the K30 Twin with ease. It’s ideal for quick programming.

    Programmable Single and Double Shots

    Save your settings for single and double espresso shots in the K30 Twin so that your staff can press a button for the exact dosage without giving it another thought.

    Stepless Grind Adjustment

    To get the grind fineness just right, stepless grind adjustment is the perfect tool. Gain control of the grind by adjusting in any increment necessary and lock in your settings.

    Electronic Shot Counters

    The shot counters keep a tally of the number of doses the K30 Twin goes through to help you manage your daily and monthly business operations with a reliable record.

    Portafilter Holder

    When you place the portafilter in one of the K30 Twin ports, the grinder starts instantly. You don’t have to hold the portafilter—the K30 Twin takes care of the grinding from start to finish so that you can multitask.

    Fan Cooling System

    Independent fans for each grinder ensure that cool grinding is maintained at all times for better-tasting espresso.

    5 Language Menu

    A software menu in five different languages improves accessibility for your employees.

    PIN-Protected Software

    Keeping your software PIN-protected for grinder settings and service guarantees that you have full control of customizing the K30 Twin and accessing changes.

    Grinder Options

    Color Options

    The Mahlkonig K30 Twin is available in two different colors. You have a choice of Black or White to blend in with the professional atmosphere of your business and suit your personal style.


    Hopper capacity 2 x 1.65 lbs
    Grinding capacity approx. 3.6 - 4.8 g/sec
    Voltage 100-115 V
    Frequency / Phases 60 Hz / Single-Phase
    Motor - rated power, Amps / hp max. 4,7 / 850
    Grinding Disc Diameter 2 x 65 mm
    Dimensions (w x d x h) 14.6“ x 11.8“ x 22“
    Net weight 57.3 lbs
    Shipping Weight 63.9 lbs
    Two Universal Port-a-Filter Rests Yes
    Two Simultaneously Usable Grinders Yes
    Quantity adjustment Electronically controlled (Timer)
    Languages in the display English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
    Fan Cooling Yes
    Overload Protection Yes
    Shot Counter Yes
    Flexible Design Yes
    Tamper Static Yes
    Listings ETL listed

    Common Questions and Answers

    Q: How does an on-demand grinder like the K30 Twin work?

    A: There are many shapes, sizes, and varieties that espresso grinders come in. If you’re wondering what they mean by an “on-demand” grinder, the reference is to the fact that the coffee is ground directly into the portafilter.

    To give you a comparison, the closest “opposite” type of grinder is a doser grinder with a dosing chamber. In this grinder, coffee is ground into a container and the user dispenses the ground coffee into a portafilter from there.

    These different types of grinders have their places in certain businesses. But the benefit of an on-demand grinder is guaranteed freshness.

    A doser grinder is sometimes preferable for grinding large amounts of coffee in a very high-volume cafe with nonstop drink orders. However, there’s always a chance that leftover coffee will sit in the container when the grinder is not in use, unless it’s purged regularly.

    By bypassing a dosing chamber, the coffee ground in an on-demand model is always fresh. It undergoes minimal oxidation before it makes it into your espresso machine (oxidation is what causes flavor loss, and it happens rapidly once coffee is ground).

    Fresh coffee has better flavor than pre-ground coffee, and not just a little bit. The difference is noticeable. 

    Q: What is the difference between stepless grind adjustment in the K30 Twin and stepped grind adjustment?

    A: The main goal of a stepped grinder is to offer you the easiest, quickest selection of fineness settings by providing a certain number of presets. Limiting the options is one way of managing the time it may take to find your grind setting.

    However, it’s more typical to find stepped settings on a coffee grinder that does large-batch grinding than on a high-end commercial espresso grinder. This is because making good espresso usually takes fine-tuned grind tweaking—you could easily miss the right setting with a stepped grinder.

    Because you won’t be making major changes from relatively coarse drip coffee (which you wouldn’t be able to do with your average espresso grinder anyway) to  a fine espresso grind with the K30 Twin, there’s no particular advantage to a stepped system.

    In fact, you want that limitless control of the fineness on a scale as small as this. If you’re working in a professional capacity, stepless grind adjustment is the standard for espresso.

    Q: How is a flat burr grinder like the K30 Twin different from a conical burr grinder?

    A: Flat burr grinders are found in coffee shops, restaurants, homes, and businesses everywhere. Along with conical burr grinders, they represent the best grinder options on the market.

    These grinders have different systems to do the same thing: crush the coffee in an optimal way for extraction. However, the results of extraction are different between these types.

    The idea is that because a flat burr grinder produces coffee particles that are even in size, extraction is balanced, as are the resulting flavors in the coffee. Many notice enhanced depth of flavor, too.

    If you’re using a conical burr grinder, you’ll get bimodal coffee particles (particles of different sizes). Because smaller particles extract faster than larger ones, you’ll get a different flavor profile, usually with distinct bright notes.

    When it comes to espresso, a flat burr grinder is more flexible and can produce a sweeter taste while a conical burr grinder develops the more traditional sharp espresso flavors that may tend toward the bitter side depending on your process.

    Coffee lovers have their favorites. If you’re looking for a consistent grind, a balanced flavor, and a sweeter finish, the K30 Twin is a great investment.